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Please Note I do NOT sell any of these books,
they are listed here to show you what is available,
The ISBN number to take to your local bookstore, or where applicable a hint of how to get hold of them.

Pet Owner's Guide To The Weimaraner
by Gillian Averis BVMS, MRCVS
ISBN 1 86054 181 X
A very useful basic introduction to choosing and owning a weimaraner as a pet, with general healthcare and basic training advice.

The Essential Weimaraner

by Patsy Hollings
ISBN 1 86054 091 0
Help for choosing and training a puppy for Showing or Working including the Breed Standards from the USA and Germany as well as the UK. Also covers breeding and the top winning Kennels from around the world.

Guide to the Weimaraner
by Gillian Burgoin
ISBN 0 85115 414 X
In depth historical look at the Weimaraner in Great Britain and around the world including a gallery of the first UK champions.
available from The Weimaraner Association
Weimaraner Ways
by Virginia Alexander & Jackie Isabell
An American book detailing the history of the breed, how to live with a Weimaraner, the versatility of the breed, and breeding, all from an American point of view.
Back by popular demand, a second printing of Weimaraner Ways, is now available. To order a copy of Weimaraner Ways, mail $79.95 plus $8.95 postage and handling (orders outside the U.S., add $20.00 for shipping) to Sunstar, P.O. Box 1800, Germantown, MD 20875. Be sure to include your name, address, and phone number with your order.

All About The Weimaraner
by Patsy Hollings
A practical guide to all aspects of life with a Weimaraner, incuding a history, aquiring, raising and training a puppy, breeding and the various disciplines you can compete in with a Weimaraner.
Although now out of print some are available from the author Tel:0113 250 5113.
The Weimaraner Today
by Vicky Bambridge
ISBN 0 948955 17 1
Basic advice on buying, training, caring for, showing, working and breeding your Weimaraner, with chapters on The Weimaraner in the USA & Scandinavia and ailments & Hereditary disorders.


by Lavonia Harper
ISBN 1902389093
Highly recommended book for the novice owner, with many useful boxouts of tips

The Weimaraner (Learning About Dogs)
by Charlotte Wilcox
ISBN 0736801634

The Weimaraner An Owner's Guide to a Happy Healthy Pet
by Patricia Riley
ISBN 1582451710


by William Wegman
26 photos of weimaraners representing the letters of the alphabet
ISBN 1562826964

The Weimaraner
Kennel Club Title Holders 1983-1997

compiled by Fred Ellingford
A photographic catalogue of all UK Title holders between 1983 -1997 with a Three Generation Pedigree of each dog
Available from the author Tel:07506 792136


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Gundogs: Training And Field Trials
by P.R.A. Moxon
ISBN 0 09 164760 6
"This is a really practical book on working gundogs....Mr Moxon has the Happy knack of catching one's interest and holding it" Dog World
Veterinary Advice For Gundog Owners
by Gillian Averis BVMS, MRCVS
ISBN 0 86054 028 7
Lots of useful advice from a vet who owns several gundogs about how to feed and keep your gundog healthy, the breed specific inherited conditions, first aid and breeding.
available from Ringpress books, PO Box 8, Lydney, Gloucestershire, GL15 4YN. Try the Author Tel: 0113 284 3889
Show Training For You and Your Dog
by Juliette Cunliffe
ISBN 0 09 174559 4
Excellent reference book for anybody starting out in the Show Ring. covers getting your puppy, training, equipment required, handling, ring etiquette, and types of show and awards available.



Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen
by Valerie Link, Linda Skerritt
Long awaited book on this "Happy Hound" with excellent research and lots of useful information
ISBN 0944875580


The Kennel Club's illustrated Breed Standards
The blueprint for every breed of dog recognised by the UK Kennel Club.
The Book of The Bitch
A Complete Guide to understanding and caring for bitches

by J.M.Evans & Kay White
A very useful book specifically aimed at caring for your bitch in general and all aspects of mating and breeding her. An invaluable and essential book well thumbed in our house.

The Doglopaedia
A Complete Guide to Dog Care

by J.M. Evans & Kay White
Why does my dog.......? This book covers all sorts of general questions you may have about your dog including training and behaviour, medical, and feeding. Well worth a read!
Veterinary Notes for Dog Owners
Edited by Trevor Turner BVet Med, MRCVS
In depth information about the health care of your dog with chapters on:-
The New Owner
General and Inherited Disease
General Management
Nutrition and Feeding
The Organ Systems
Infectious Diseases
Medical and Surgical